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Well, It's that time of the year again, 12th of January and this time, I will sound a little bit greed, because I am :D    

Well then, I would like to reach all of you, my friends, artist, writers, both, to make me a birthday gift! ^^
I can even give you a little help with what do give me. :)

Well, and I would like to have some stories, or art with one of these, me being super tiny, nearly microscopic, near, in, or on their hair, which is sweaty and dirty, and they are unaware of me...and also mistaken as an insect..And that's all! ^^  death a gore appreciated.

If you need more info, sent me a note, or ask in comments ;-)
My greediness isn't luckly so bad, yet :D So, I am pleading all of you, give me a gift in the form of the story, art I gave info above this, see ya! ^^

So, tommorow, 12th of January is my birthday! Yay, I'll be once again year older ^^
If you want to request a story, type the simple version down on this link.
Write your name, so I know who it is for.…

But BEWARE, because I wont do every type of fanfic. Here are the things I wont write:


Muscle or bodypart growth

Age changing stuff,



Anthro (I might do it, but it needs to be very well situated)

Also, I dont do Vore centered stories. If its just a tiny part in it, then yes, I do any type of vore, from soft to hard

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So, while I'm thinking about how MDCAS will continue, I have a lot of ideas on another, this time only 2 chapter story.

It will be about a pony, who is tricked by Discord into his fun games, which consist of unaware body exploration of Queen Chrysalis. It will contain at least:



-Hoof play

-Being lost inside forest of Chrysalis's hair

-And REALLY micro body exploration (about 1/100 of an inch at least)


So, I'm asking you on your opinion on how this story would go, or if you would like it.

Please, leave a comment HERE and say your opinion. I don't mind if it would be bad, I like learn from my mistakes.

Just say anything, even ideas for different stories. I'll write them down and I'll try to write them.


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I like to advertise as much as I can. So, does anybody wanna go to first MLP Con in Czech Republic? It won't be as big as Galacon or BUCK, but so won't be the tickets. It start 29th of August with LARP event in Prague, where you can, with fun, found some information about our capital city. The con itself will start on 30th of August and it will end 31st. It will be Culture House Krakov, near. Main language there will of course be English. We won't have any VA or VIP hosts, but we will have guys from The Overmare Studios,  which are making cool Fallout: Equestria game in Unity. And we will also have swedish proffesional cosplayer, Yami Björk.

So if anybody from Europe is interested to try a smaller and cheaper version of Gala con or BUCK, head to Prague and join the fun!

PS: Other continents are welcome too! ;)

And if you want some infromation, here it is in a nutshell.

I expect you to be there! I myself will be there.

Czequestria - 1. CZ/SK bronies My little pony: Friendship is Magic convention

Web Link: Click here!

Date: 30-31.8. 2014 (+29.8. 2014 LARP event )

Location: KD Krakov, Prague, CZ

Language: English and Czech/Slovak

FaceBook event link: Click here!

Twitter Czequestria: Click here!

Twitter Miss Libussa: Click here!

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[My OC is in my pictures, you can use him to your art if you want, just ask and i'll say on 93,1415926% yes ;) ]
So, first of all i wanna write down some basic info about my OC, Sleepy Book.

As you already know, his name is Sleepy Book. He's an Unicorn with blonde mane a tail. His CM are two pillows with stars on them, one pillow is green, the other is yellow. He really likes books, but not too much, like Twilight Sparkle. Since he works in Manehattan University of History, he's reaaally tired of all that teaching, so he sometimes goes for an adventure, and sometimes on those adventures, he meets his old teacher, Daring Do. He always looked up to her as an idol. But now, even Daring Do said that one day, He will be her succesor. He normally lives in a downtown appartment in Manehattan, but when he isn't in a mood for an adventure, he travels to his little cottage at the edge of ponyville, near Sweet Apple Acres. He made a lots of friends there but one specific grew over the friendship status. Her name in AJ. She fell in love with her, but he's afraid to tell her. He often sends her some nice gifts anonymously. One day, when the right time comes, he will be at her side. Oh and i forgot, he is macrophile, which means he likes giant ponies, or being reaaally small. For him, imagining being small as an ant near AJ is just so tempting. He also have hoof fetish.
Since i wrote this at 20:19 GMT+1, its kinda late and i might've forgot something. If something cross you mind about my OC, or me, just ask me. I dont bite. Unless you have a cheese sandwich (no connection to that character...), then, i might bite you. But if not, you're safe ;) . So that's all. I hope i didn't forget something......hmmmm....oh, yeah. If you find any mistake, im sorry, English is not my mother language (but im best at it in the whole school, no bragging ;) ).
So, that's all, see ya!
PS: If he would shrink, he would LOVE to sleep in AJ's mane ;)