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“Poor Vs. The Rich” - By Proky for Trayxx


The alarm clock gave its shrill ring next to Diamond Tiara’s bed early one morning. With the anger of a dragon woken from its slumber, she batted the clock with her hoof, shattering it to bits. And so, another one bit the dust.


Putting in the effort despite her tiredness, she slowly got out of bed and looked out of the window; sun was just barely on the horizon. And she then murmured a most cliché statement for a kid her age:


“I hate school."


She headed for the bathroom. If there was one thing she could appreciate about getting up so early, it was the early chance to make herself look presentable.


She groomed her hair from its hideous morning appearance into a neat do, not a single hair out of place.


Last night, she had been in Canterlot on a shopping spree, as rich, spoilt little girls are habituated to do, and upon arriving home, she had been far too exhausted to even think about having a bath and went straight to bed, not even bothering to get into it in her usual neat way.

This morning, she was too tired and too much in a hurry to remember to take it now. She just washed her face and went into the kitchen to have a quick snack while she waited for Silver Spoon to arrive.


She flicked the light switch on and the sudden surge of light toward her unprepared eyes made her shield them desperately and grunt. "Ugh, I hate waking up this early..."

Diamond went to fetch a clean plate on the table for some food from the fridge... and she felt tiny dirt crumbs beneath her hooves. 'What do we pay those maids for!' she thought indignantly.


Diamond Tiara opened the fridge and took out a cookie and the milk carton. Having poured a glass of milk, she sat down to eat. Usually a normal procedure; one bite, then another, then another... more should have followed, but she found herself slipping back into drowsiness... and fighting a battle against the body's natural desire for sleep could only go on for so long, and so she fell right back to sleep, the rest of her cookie still in her mouth.




"AH!" Diamond Tiara awoke with a start, causing the partially-eaten cookie to fly out of her mouth and onto the floor. Disregarding the small mess, she stood up to answer the door. “That must be Silver Spoon. Well, here's to another boring day at school, I guess...”

Little did Diamond Tiara know, that these “crumbs” were intelligent beings called humans. They had appeared here after a scientific experiment on their world that had gone wrong, giving religious nuts another reason not to trust science and why "God/Buddha/Ra/insert omnipotent creator here is the ultimate power".



The humans woke up in darkness, thinking they had successfully teleported themselves onto another planet. And lo and behold, they were right, they had... only it wasn't quite how they'd imagined and prepared for.


Suddenly, a powerful, blinding light from the skies forced everyone to shield their eyes temporarily.


To top that surprise off, they felt constant, powerful earthquakes shaking their world. "Maybe those religious nuts were right!" wailed one human fearfully, too scared to think logically.

Just as their eyes were adjusting to the newfound light, a booming voice was heard from above.




It sounded like a young, female voice, and yet it was so powerful.


Now that the humans could finally look around at their surroundings, the truth became apparent. Massive wooden pillars reached into the skies, connected by a wooden platform... wasn't that exactly what a table was? Except this one looked like something the entire world population (and then some) would sit at together. Their panicking really started to kick in given the evidence that they were smaller than most of the insects, on a rough scale of the table. And to make matters worse, here they were on the floor of a behemoth creature's home...

Stronger and stronger the booms became as closer and closer they approached... in the distance was what the vibrations belonged to... a massive creature, far larger than even the biggest of the big that these humans had ever seen, walking towards them. It was some sort of quadruped creature... an equine of some sort perhaps, but its appearance was heavily cartoonish and bastardized compared to what it was supposed to look like. Where in their world would you see a creature with soft looking pink fur, a violet mane with white streaks, and a weird picture on her hind quarters that resembled a tiara?


She started to walk towards another monumentally-oversized version of a household item - a fridge. And from the looks of it, she was unaware of the tiny creatures beneath her tread.

Some of the humans, for lack of anything better to do, began running around in complete panic and fear of ending up like worthless insects on the bottom of the filly’s dirty hoof. Most of the humans, though, kept their cool and quickly made their way towards the table, leaving the panicking remainder to their fates on the bottom of the hoof in question as gooey red stains...

As the fleeing humans got closer to the table, there came another massive booming sound very close to them.


While some of them continued fleeing for dear life, others turned to see that where their friends had once stood, there was now only a titanic wall of pink, slightly dirty and covered in a thin layer of sweat that glistened. The survivors watched, appalled and disgusted, as the wall rose back up into the skies, revealing the underside of the hoof, and their friends too; or more precisely, what was left of them. Nothing more than red, gooey stains.

The filly was, at last, further away from them, close to the fridge. The remaining humans got under the table and, without proper resources, made a rough estimate of the causalities. Nearly a third of the human lives had been taken by the filly... such a young, innocent creature, unwittingly eradicating so many lives... The humans stayed under the table, watching the gigantic filly pick something from the fridge.


After she closed the fridge, she headed towards the table again, this time siting on a chair next to the table. The helpless humans had no idea what to do. Try getting her attention and risk being mistaken for insects, or try and run outside and risk being killed by the outer forces? Given their environment at the moment, they had no idea what might be out there. They just stood there, frozen in place, watching the filly feed herself with what seemed like cookies and milk.


After a while, they heard weak snores coming from her (ironic with how colossal she was from their perspective). They thought it was safe to come out from under the table, which they did... until at the worst possible moment when they heard a doorbell ring from far away. That awoke the creature, who/which ended up throwing the remaining food onto the floor. Humongous boulder-sized crumbs of cookie descended upon the little humans... but fortunately and miraculously were not deadly. You couldn’t say the same for the half-eaten cookie that fell immediately afterwards, though... one poor shmuck was right under it. He didn’t even have a chance to react. One moment he was looking at it from below, and the next, the cookie crushed him as if he was nothing but air. Squashed by a half-eaten cookie, what a way to go…

The gigantic filly didn’t even notice it and went straight towards the sound, taking one or two other humans with her under her hooves. Then they heard the doors close, she was finally gone. They started to inspect their surrounding and most of them suggested to stay and feed on the fallen food, then think of a plan of escape.


When the humans could finally look around themselves, they realized the truth. They saw massive wooden pillars reaching into the skies, being connected by a massive plate, it was just a simple table. The humans started panicking, when they realized that they were smaller than most of the insects. They were insignificant specks on a floor of gigantic creatures’ house.

The massive booms kept getting stronger. In the distance, they could see a massive creature, larger than anything these humans has ever seen, walking towards them. It looked like a pony, but in comparison towards the gigantic furniture, she was probably just a filly. She had a soft looking pink fur, her mane was violet with white streaks, and a weird picture on her hind quarters that resembled a tiara. She started to walk towards the fridge to pick up breakfast, unaware of the tiny creatures beneath her tread.


Some of the humans started to run around in complete panic and fear of ending up like a worthless insect on the bottom of the filly’s dirty hoof. Most of the humans, though, managed to keep their cool and started to run towards the table, leaving the panicking rest to their fate on the bottom of the hoof as a gooey red stain.


When humans were nearing the table, a massive boom sound was heard very close to them. Some of them turned to see that where their friends once run with them, stood only a titanic wall of pink, slightly dirty and covered in a thin layer of sweat. The survivors watched as the wall raised into the skies, seeing the underside of the hoof, and their friends too, or more precisely, what was left of them, just red, gooey stains.


The filly finally got further away from them, close to fridge. The remaining humans got under the table, took a tiny break and counted the causalities. The little filly took lives of almost one third of the humans that they know of were with them. Such a young, small creature, destroying so many lives of much smaller, insignificant humans. The humans stayed under the table, watching the gigantic filly pick something from the fridge.


When that creature closed the fridge, she came towards the table again, this time siting on a chair next to the table. The Humans had no idea what to do. Should they try to get her attention and risking being mistaken as insignificant insects, or try and run outside and risk being killed by the outer forces? Instead, they just stood there, frozen in place, watching the filly feed herself with what seemed like cookies and milk.




It was a hot, sunny day in Ponyville and Spoiled Rich was coming home from her job in Canterlot for a much-deserved rest. As she left the train station, there a few yards away were the Cutie Mark Crusaders running around, playing with other ponies. “Pfft, insignificant lowlifes," she snorted as she went on her way.


After a walk through Ponyville, she got to her home and opened the door. She took off her hat and shoes, letting her hooves feel the fresh, cold air of her home. "Diamond Tiara!” she called across the whole mansion, with no response coming. “Probably shopping with that Silver Spoon again. What do I tell her about friends who mooch off her... oh well." Looking on a positive aspect, she had the whole mansion to herself, as her husband Filthy Rich was far away on some business, so she decided to relax a little bit.


Off to the kitchen she went to eat some posh expensive food as snooty rich people are inclined to do, when she saw a half-eaten cookie on the ground. “Tiara really needs to be properly educated about cleaning up after herself," muttered Spoiled Rich. She begrudgingly went to fetch a broom nearby and then started to sweep the floor. As she did so, she noticed some tiny insects on the floor, running away from the incoming hoof. “Ew! Disgusting!” she shrieked. She also noticed some tiny red stains around the floor and on her hooves.


Nearing breaking point with how grossed out she was, she looked around her to try to find a bug spray or a fly swatter to get the job done, but there was nothing to get rid of them.

She snarled at the floor. "Well, I suppose it's time to get rid of you the old fashion way.”



“Diamond Tiara!” the tiny humans heard from above, making them go white as ghosts. Another giant was coming.


Sure enough, they looked up to see another gigantic creature enter the room. This one was almost twice as big as the last one, certainly looked older, and appeared to be angrier. Her mane and tail were purple and the peculiar mark on her hinds was that of a ring.


All of them were terrified for their lives as she looked down at the massive cookie they had been feeding from. She muttered something as she approached closer, all the whole casually crushing some of the people that tried to dodge her hooves in vain. She took her weapon - a huge stick which appeared to be a broom, judging by the brush head, and headed towards the cookie. As she started to sweep, she turned her gaze directly at the flea-sized humans.

The extremely high volume of her words deafened all of the humans: "Ew! Disgusting worthless little insects!”


Humans started to panic, as they saw her titanic face look at them in disgust.


"Well, I suppose it's time to get rid of you the old fashion way.” That was the last thing they heard before a massive shadow loomed over the cookie and the humans...



The cookie and the humans were crushed and scattered around as the hoof stepped on the floor with all of the goddess' mighty strength power, reducing the puny humans into a red goo stuck on the underside of her hoof.


She continued doing this in mindless rage for a few moments, until she noticed that a select few of them were running away... while others kept going towards her. “What is this?” she asked as she crouched and squinted to see the bugs more closely.


They seemed to have two appendages that looked very much like arms, and they were standing on two legs (well, most of them anyway, since some of them were crushed to nothing under her filthy hooves. What kind of insects were these?


She observed them for a moment, watching what they'd do if she did not crush them.

They stopped moving and just stood there, watching the goddess size pony from their low perspective. She didn't know if it was the heat from outside talking, but she had a thought... what if these were sapient and intelligent beings, irrespective of their size?

She held out her hoof. "Right then, you little mites. If you want to live, I want all of you to get onto my hoof right now!”


One by one, the insects, or whatever these miniature beings were, began to move towards her hoof.


How was this even possible? Bugs this size should have brains barely big enough to react to the outside world. So surely, they must have been something else.

After a moment of thinking... an idea sparked inside Spoiled Rich’s head. Since her ‘toys’ were getting a little bit boring, and she wanted to experiment with something new, perhaps she could use these strange ‘insects’ for her own games.

She looked at them and acted as if she felt sorry for killing their friends, while being completely unfeeling on the inside. "Oh my! I am so sorry. I thought you were just bugs... just wait right there, I'll help you get out of here!”


She trotted off to the far side of the kitchen to fetch something for the puny beings... a box. She headed back to where she had been before and then put the box close to the tiny humans in way so they could climb inside on their own.

“Everyone inside? Good, let’s get you comfortable," she whispered with an evil grin. She then took the box and went upstairs towards her bedroom.



The humans were terrified at first, having been noticed by the gigantic pony creature. They thought they would be wiped out completely by the gigantic hoof that had mercilessly obliterated so many of their friends and families…


The goddess looked at them with disgust for a moment, but when the creature leaned a bit closer to them, she just stayed there, motionless for a moment, then spoke to them collectively with her thundering voice:


"Right then, you little mites. If you want to live, I want all of you to get onto my hoof right now!”

Nobody dared to try and defy the command of the gigantic pony. The sight of the pony’s filthy hoof, especially the underside, was just too much for them. It took them a minute or two, but they managed to reach the closest hoof, which from this close looked like a sentient mountain. The lower her hoof got, the filthier it became, a detail only creatures as small as these humans would have been able to notice. There were even traces of blood on the bottom, mixed with her natural oils and sweat, which emitted an intoxicating smell, making everyone dizzy and nauseous.


The goddess just stared at them, dumbfounded. She then started to look worried and sorry for what she has done so far to the tiny humans, and noticed that they weren’t just another insect species. The humans felt a wave of relief and hope, Finally, a chance of the remainder of them getting out of this alien place, they thought. They listened when the giantess told them to stay where they were: "Oh my! I am so sorry. I thought you were just bugs... just wait right there, I'll help you get out of here!”


Finally, just as they thought they would die like insignificant bugs on the dirty floor, crushed by a walking pony, they were spared such fate and at last, a glimmer of hope was felt throughout the human expedition. The godlike savior went far, far away, but came soon with a titanic box, which she gently put close to the humans. Almost everyone got soon inside the box, except for about five or six more people trying to run as fast as they could. But just as they were nearing the box, the goddess asked, “Everyone inside? Good, let’s get you comfortable.”

And with that, the goddess raised the box with most of the humans into the sky, leaving the few slow ones alone on the cold tile floor, left to simply die like insects, either from starvation, or by the tread of the oblivious titanic denizens of this house. Still, it might be a better and quicker death than what the rest were to experience.


The humans in the box didn’t see much from the inside. They could only see the titanic face of the gigantic pony that had saved them from their fates on the floor. They heard the doors opening, and then the giantess looked at them. "This is your new home. Well, for now."

Spoiled Rich placed the box on the bed, signaling the humans to get out of it. When they got out of the box, they were exposed to an entirely new landscape for them... an endless area of land of smooth and silky covers of a bed. “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back, just need to get something for you.” She left the bedroom to go and find some "toys" to play with.

Most of the humans meanwhile obeyed her and stood at the rim of the box, waiting for the goddess to return.


When she did, all of them watched as the giantess towered over them, holding a weird, purple stick in her hooves. It was a dildo that she used quite frequently, in times of her husband's absence.


She kneeled to their level. Then, she spoke imperiously: “I will make you a deal, insects. If you want to live another day, you shall pleasure me, mostly my private parts. Of course, most of you will not survive this, as you will likely simply pop beneath my weight, but for those who make it alive, you have my word that I will keep you alive. Now enough talking, let’s get to it!”


Her voice was so strong, the power of it threw some of the humans all over the bed.

The humans were speechless. To be used as insignificant sex slaves to a gigantic alien equine was too much for some of them... those some panicked and tried to running away from the goddess, who watched as some of those tiny specks started to flee in the other direction. She smirked and calmly stated, “I forgot to mention that if any of you insignificant specks decide to run away, I shall inflict punishment you. Allow me to demonstrate on these examples.”

The humans running away didn’t even dare to turn around as they heard the words of doom from the giantess. There was a strange, deadly silence all around.

Then, all the light around them disappeared, replacing it with a huge shadow, and a reeking, earthy smell.


The humans started to scream when they saw what blocked all the light, a single, filthy hoof, falling towards them very fast. It would be the last thing they ever saw.


But luckily for the insect-sized humans, the bed was very soft, though they wished it was hard as steel. The material of the bed, combined with the strength of the Spoiled Rich’s hoof allowed the humans to survive beneath the titanic appendage, but their bodies were mangled, torn or simply broken.


When the force of the filthy hoof finally started to weaken, the humans noticed that they started to rise with it, they were stuck to the bottom of her hoof by the mixture of their own blood, sweat and other filth, like dirt. The humans stuck to the bottom of the hoof were greeted with a change of gravity and a strong light shining at them from the sky, which was then blocked by the titanic face of the gigantic Spoiled Rich.


She watched as those tiny specks tried to wiggle out of their smelly, dirty prison, but she simply laughed at their tries. “I love your struggle, specks, but since you made my hoof dirtier than before, I guess you wouldn’t mind if I returned the favor, would you?” She chuckled a bit, putting the surviving tinies into a box for later, and keeping only those stuck onto her hoof.


“I hope you will like my behind, because it’s quite a smelly place after the whole day of walking.” She said, as she put her hoof between her massive ass cheeks. She felt as the sweat and blood helped her hoof get smoother into her anus, pulverizing the tiny specks between two filthy surfaces.


The humans had more and more trouble breathing the closer they got to the massive pucker, their stomachs were already empty of everything. Many of them lost their consciousness to the smell, but those that didn’t were met with a sight beyond sights. All they saw was a gaping, black hole, surrounded by wrinkly desert, her anus. The smell was too bad even for her.


Some of the humans managed to get inside her anus, where they met their end when her butthole got tight with excitement. They felt their bodies crumble, as the walls all around them were getting closer and closer. Some of them managed to die even before, as even a tiny amount of fecal matter inside was enough for the tinies to get overwhelmed by it. It was like an extremely smelly avalanche. Dying in pony’s shit, interesting way to die.


After massaging her butt for a while, she took the hoof out, and looked at the results. Her hoof was covered with tiny red splatters and a lot of other filth. She moved the hoof towards her nose, and when she smelled it, she gagged. “Ugh! That is disgusting. I better clean my hoof before we proceed to the finale.”  


Spoiled Rich went to bathroom to clean off any remaining filth of her front hooves, cleaning the blood, sweat and shit off them. Those that managed to survive the horrific experience inside her butt where simply washed away off her filthy hooves, into the sewers, where they died in many natural ways.


She returned to the bedroom, where the tinies inside the box were unable to do anything, but only to wait for their doom. “Now, finally comes my favorite part.” She took all the tiny specks of the box, and onto the bedsheets. She picked up the purple dildo and hovered in over them. She then blasted them with her powerful voice, “I will explain what I expect from every one of you. I want all of you to climb onto this dildo, and try to survive. Don’t fall of, because I don’t want my floor and sheets to get more dirty as they already are. Now climb it, and hold tight onto it.”


She then put the dildo onto the bed, waiting for the tinies to climb it. Unfortunately, the size of the dildo was too much for them to climb, and even the surface of it didn’t help them. She got frustrated, as she said. “Very well, let me get that wet for you.” She took the dildo close to her face, with some of the insignificant tinies holding onto some of the depression in the dildo. They watched as Spoiled Rich opened her maw, slowly putting the dildo inside.


With one thrust, the dildo was inside her hot, humid maw. She salivated all over the dildo. The movement of their world shook the tinies off dildo and onto the massive plane that her her tongue. It was covered in copious amount of thick, smelly saliva. They were thrown around inside the humid cave by the titanic muscle. Some of the people were crushed by her teeth, or by simply the force of her tongue, smeared across the wet walls of her mouth. When she finally salivated the whole dildo, she put it out, leaving a thick strand of saliva between her lips, and the dildo. When she moved the dildo further away, the strand broke, leaving tiny humans that were drowning in it to fall of the deaths, inside her sweaty fur. And those still alive inside, drowning her mouth, were soon swallowed and left to digest in slow and painful death inside her stomach acids.


Spoiled Rich put the dildo onto her bed sheets and then she dragged the dildo towards the tiny specks on it. The insignificant humans had no chance of running away from the wet, purple monolith, as it caught up to them, sealed them deep inside the thick, cold coating of the giant equine’s dildo. When they managed to break the thick, smelly coating and reach the surface, they only saw massive lips of the massive pony. They were about to enter her most private of parts.


Before they even managed to get inserted into her, they heard those wet, organic noises, as the juice dripping from her pussy mixed with saliva, the tip of dildo slowly being thrush inside of her. The humans tried to break free of their gooey prison, but they could only watch and smell, as they were inserted into her. Those on the sides of the dildo popped like grapes, when they got between the surface of the prison, and the lips of her pussy. Nothing was left of them, crush so fast their remains were instantly mixed into her love juices. Those that survived were greeted with incredible heat and pheromonic smell, blasting them so much.

Finally, they were free of their purple prison, but now they were lost deep inside her gigantic pussy. As dildo left the pussy, the loose humans got scattered all over the inside. If they didn’t drown, they were soon crushed by the contracting walls of the love cave. The dildo kept coming back in and out many, many times, most of the humans were already disposed of in many ways, as before mentioned drowning and crushing inside her pussy. Those that managed to live were about to experience a ride of their lives, as the cave got flooded with more and more thick goo, her cum. She was about to climax.


When Spoiled, Rich inserted the dildo with tiny humans into her, all her muscles tensed up, shivering in the moment, she had in herself for a moment, until she snapped out of the bliss, and removed the dildo from her. She felt tiny, barely noticeable pops when she did so. That made her even hornier. The thought that even the slightest movement of her body can crush lives in such horrific, gory ways was such a turn of for her. It made her feel like her husband never managed to, it made her feel like she was a goddess. She kept masturbating with the dildo, coating it with her love juices, along with some tiny stains of red on the surface. Sweat dripped down her face, her whole body tensed up, as she finally climaxed, throwing the dildo to the other side of the room, while her pussy streamed an average amount of cum out of her, coating the silky-smooth bedsheets with her gooey love juices. But for the surviving insignificant sex slaves, it was more than just an average amount of cum.


The human inside her pussy felt the thickness of pheromones and the heat increase. They knew that it was about to come. All sudden, an earthquake shook their world, and then the cave was flooded with blinding light, as the contents of her pussy, along with the tinies inside, spilled outside. It felt like they were thrown out of a supersonic plane. Gallons and gallons of thick and hot cum rushed over them, their bodies completely drained from surviving to even try and fight the current. The strength of the current made all the tinies unconscious. When they woke up, first thing they saw mass a huge wasteland, covered in copious amount of cum. They watched as the gigantic cave that was her pussy dripped the last remaining cum waterfall from it. They were scarred for the rest of their short, insignificant lives by this. After few moments, the gigantic equine said with tired, yet lustful voice, “Wow! That one of the best climaxes I ever had. I guess you get to live another day. Which reminds, everyone who survived, get into the box, now!”


The humans didn’t get much time to rest, and they were commanded once again. The people broke free of the thick goo and run towards the rim of the box. They then got inside and when everyone was finally inside, her titanic face covered the top of it. She looked tired, her hair messy, face covered in sweat.


“Now, you get to rest for the rest of the day. I’ll got and shower myself, to wash all that filth, and your friends off.” She looked at them, and then she simply dropped the box from her height of her chest. When the box fell, the shape of it bended in a way where a tiny hole was made on the bottom of it. The humans instantly run towards it, just as the goddess left the room.


The humans managed to left her bedroom through the under the door. Before was a long hallway, the floor made of rich mahogany wood, walls covered with art. They had no idea where to go, until another gigantic pony appeared at the far end of the hall. It was that smaller pony giantess, with the crown on her butt, and she was heading towards them. They were too tiny to run close enough to the wall.


With slow stride, Diamond Tiara made her way towards the door of her mother’s room. She knocked on it, but got no answer. She felt a tiny itch on her hooves, so she twisted the hooves on the floor, getting rid of it.  She then heard sound coming from the bathroom, which startled her, dropping her diamond tiara from her head onto the floor. She looked at the floor and noticed tiny red stains both the floor and her hooves. “Ew! We need to really get another competent maid, I hate insects running around like this!” With that, picked up the tiara, turned around and left, leaving only one remaining survivor.


When a tiny human girl name Sarah woke up after the fall of the box, she noticed everyone was leaving through a tiny hole in the box. They were so far away that it would take her tens of minutes to catch up to them. She got up and went towards the exit and her fellow tiny humans. She kept her pace, slowly but surely catching up to the rest of the group, when she saw gigantic young filly walking towards Sarah’s friends. They had no chance to escape, as the gigantic, filthy hoof hovered above the group, then dropping down. The humans made no resistance towards her hoof. Gone like dust, just like that. Sarah no longer cared, she ran towards the hooves of the giantess, but before she got too close, her surrounding darkened. She looked up and saw a colossal object falling from the head of the giant filly. It landed with a massive quake close to Sarah. She then saw an opportunity to try and get the attention of the gigantic filly, a strand of hair was tangle in the tiara, its end close enough for Sarah to make it. She believed that since the gigantic pony looked like a small filly, she might be kind enough to help her. She ran towards the strand and caught it. The strand was thick as three ropes stuck together, and she managed to tangle herself inside of it, securing her grip.


The giantess then picked up the tiara and set it deep into her mane, along with the last survivor, Sarah. Sarah untangled herself and fell deep into the hot, humid jungle of the gigantic filly. She landed in some sort of puddle, it smelled weird and it was salty, probably her sweat, Sarah thought. She was now lost inside a jungle made up of titanic branchless trees that swayed in from one direction to another, it was mesmerizing. But she had to get her attention somehow. “Hmm, if I manage to get to her ear, I might be able to speak to her.”


Since Sara knew she was right under the tiara, she quickly oriented herself and went towards one of her ears. She walked for a few minutes, passing around a lot of sweat and other filth, like dandruff or her greasy natural oils. She then noticed a tiny gnat fly into the mane, close to her. To Sarah, the gnat was the size of a huge dragon for her perspective. She hid behind one of the hair strands and waited for the gnat to fly away.


Sarah saw as the gnat inserted its sucker into the greasy skin of the giantess, which subsequently created an earthquake. The gnat thought it was time to fly away, so it did, but unfortunately, Sarah didn’t have that kind of luck. The strands of hairs were moving chaotically all around her, the ground shaking, the dandruff and other filth moving everywhere. Sarah couldn’t stand properly, and she tried to dodge a loose strand of hair that almost fell on top of her. She dodged the strand, falling face first into a depression full of greasy oils. When she spat them out of her mouth, she noticed the sky was dark. She looked up to see a titanic, pink hoof dropping right at her, specks of dirt and other filth falling from it like rain. She didn’t stand a chance at running away, she was simply too tiny. As the hoof got closer, the hairs bended and now they were falling with the hoof towards Sarah. She fell over when she stumbled over a fallen strand of hair, she lied on her back, watching as the hoof reached her.


First thing she felt was the smell, it was earthy, musky old smell, as if she was walking whole day with her hooves in the summer. Sarah tried to stop the hoof with her arms and legs, but it was useless, and soon her body broke like a twig underfoot. The last thing Sarah heard before she popped like a grape was a grunt coming the titanic filly, and she was scratching her mane. And that was it, nothing for Sarah after that, her body was reduced to nothing but an insignificant stain on the greasy skin of gigantic filly, only for the remains of a thing once called a human to be washed away into the drain and then to the sewers. The other part of the remains that were stuck to the hoof slowly wore down, mixing with dirt and filth on the ground never to be seen again


This was a commission I wrote for :icontrayxx: I hope you will like it :)
Preview image done by :icon90sigma:

Humans teleported themselves onto another planet. But thing they didn't expect that they will be size of a tiny insect compared to the gigantic equine inhabitants. And if that wasn't enough, they appeared inside the house of one of the most evil families in Equestria, the Rich family.

Now the humans have to survive daily routine of unaware Diamond Tiara and her mother, Spoiled Rich. It won't be pretty...

Contains: Unaware, Hoof crush, vagina insertion/crush, vore, butt insertion/crush

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cimarronboy Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Needs more DT and less Spoiled Milk (her attitude gets me so bloodthirsty angry). Reminds me of a fic I found where DT had a human pet and after the pet broke her sucker became it's replacement. Wouldn't mind re-reading that one if I could find it. Writing wise definitely an more skilled work compared to alot of stuff in a certain group on fimfic.
pproky Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Student Filmographer
I agree. But Trayxx wanted Spoiled b***h :D And yeah, that group completely roasted me on FimFic... :D
cimarronboy Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Must like 'em snobby. Can't complain though, Rare's almost as bad. Has there really been drama within the mic/mac group?
pproky Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Student Filmographer
I dont know :-D
cimarronboy Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
You said roasted, that either means insulted in a comedic fashion or verbally attacked with angered intent. Unless I read that wrong, which is also a possibility. 
pproky Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016  Student Filmographer
cimarronboy Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
eh either way. So who's next on your xxx fantastic voyage list?
pproky Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2016  Student Filmographer
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PowerpuffPony1 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016
This was absolutely incredible! Spoiled Rich is a total MILF. :P
pproky Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Student Filmographer
Yeah, I agree :)
BlazingCobaltDA Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your best story yet imo
pproky Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Student Filmographer
Thanks :) Expect tons of short stories based on the pics from the work I commissioned :)
BlazingCobaltDA Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome! i may have to commission you for a story some time~
pproky Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Student Filmographer
Okay ^^ But expect it will take a lot of time, because of school and laziness.
MechaShadow777 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016
this was brilliantly written and the attention to plot and detail was simply incredible. i enjoyed this on some personal levels as well, with enjoying being a tiny and at the unknowing mercy of a giantess, to the giantesses being MLP, and even to the general emotion that the tinies had: they weren't just there, they experienced. this is one of the finer stories i have read, giantess or otherwise, and i genuinely applaud you and your work. :) GIF Adventure Time - Claps Bear Emoji-16 (Clapping Encore Applause) [V1] Timon -  Applause [ YURI ON ICE ] Applause. :tardclap: 
pproky Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Student Filmographer
Thanks ^^ I really like your comment :D
MechaShadow777 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016
lol, I may swoon over every other giantess that's cruel or unknowingly destructive, but I'm also literate and intelligent ;P
pproky Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Student Filmographer
Sounds like you are saying I am not :-D
MechaShadow777 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016
not implying such a thing, those are ur words. I'm only saying that, for someone such as myself, I am capable of being smart :|
pproky Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Student Filmographer
Ah, kay :D
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